Halme Still The King

A. Halme 3,300,000
D. Modans 2,000,000
P. Vanem 714,000

A. Karev 476,000
M. Urbonas415,000
K. Suominen 441,000
S. Luchishin 352,000

The situation Antti Halme finds himself in is one of those rare and beautiful things in poker. He is in such a strong position ICM-wise, with he final table beckoning and most of the stacks relatively small, he can get away with murder. He is doing just that, raising with great frequency and putting pressure on post-flop when he has the opportunity. Most recently he showed how tough he’ll be, blasting D. Modans out of a pot with a well-timed double barrel with TJ suited on an A-high board. Modans had a pair and a straight draw but was still unable to call – knowing Halme can knock him out and pressure him on the river too easily.

His stack is going just one way right now and he will be a hard man to stop if this continues.

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