Halme Gets the Bullet (6th - €10,620)

Antti Halme has done little wrong on this final table. He established a huge chip lead, took advantage of it and won lots of uncontested chips. He made almost no mistakes, yet still he finds himself on the rail in 6th place.

Life just isn’t fair sometimes as Halme will be reflecting…

Holding pocket jacks 5 handed, Halme understandably shoved over Modans’ initial raise – only for Modans to make a quick call…with pocket aces!

So unlucky, another cooler for Halme and the Ah Qc 2c 7c 7d board saw him ejected from proceedings.

€10,620 for Halme – he deserves more in many ways but we’re sure we’ll see this talented player return again sometime.

That hand cemented Modans chip lead – he now has over 5 million as they continue 5 handed…

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