At the Halme: Antti Halme Leads Final 14

That’s your lot for Day 2, and as the chips are being put to bed for the night in their cosy sealed bags, Antti Halme is in the lead on 2,602,000, closely followed by Davis Modans on 2,361,000. The idea for today was loosely to play down to a final table, but after 10 levels we still have 14 players in the running; they will all return at 2pm GMT+2 tomorrow to play first down to a final table and then on towards a single glorious winner.

One hundred and sixty-five players took their seats in the cavernous Hilton Tallinn Park ballroom for Day 2 of the €500 + €50 MPNPT Main Event. With registration closing on the dot of the shuffle-up-and-deal (super-late rebuyers included Dara O’Kearney, who heroically grinded his way to a 17th place finish for €2,070), the tournament officially became a freezeout and the all-important prize pool could be calculated – 534 entries generated a total pool of €258,990, with 62 places paying out in sums ranging from €1,190 for a min-cash to a ker-chingy €50,000 for the eventual winner.

Terje Torstensen started the day with a huge chip lead and although he couldn’t stay the Day 2 course, he managed a respectable cash in 23rd place for €1,555. Other players were less fortunate, among them reigning champion Ranno Sootla and popular Twitchster Monika Zukowicz who both crashed and burned before the bubble and got nothing for their trouble.

The bubble itself was burst by Leo Pietila, who was coolered out in 63rd place in a three-way AA/KK/JJ shocker (Pietila had the jacks). Once in the money, the pace of play only increased, with notable ITM finishers including second winningest all-time Estonian tournament player Raigo Aasmaa (37th place), Rauno “Estonian Jesus” Tahvonen (31st) and MPNPT fixture Jari Hurri (29th).

Tomorrow’s final 14 include MPNPT stalwart Julie Whitworth, making her fifth Main Event cash. Keimo Suominen, who took down a Paf Poker Challenge side event last year, is making his third MPNPT cash here in Tallinn. Our chip leader Antti Halme is on a bit of a winning streak at the moment – he just took second place in a major tournament in Manila for $85,000, so presumably is feeling good about this one.

The final 14:

Name Qualifier Status Chips
Antti Halme 2,602,000
Davis Modans 2,361,000
Juha Ovaskainen Paf Heart Poker 1,055,000
Julie Whitworth 32Red Poker 1,014,000
Aleksei Vandyshev 886,000
Andres Abakanov 847,000
Priit Vanem 740,000
Aleksei Karev Paf Heart Poker 715,000
Mantas Urbonas OlyBet 692,000
Sergey Luchishin Betsson Poker 690,000
Keimo Suominen Paf Heart Poker 489,000
Oskar Väli 444,000
Raigo Lepp 441,000
Martin Mand 418,000


Meanwhile the side events continue apace – as we speak, the Pot Limit Omaha event is down to 14 players out of 73 entries, and Day 1 of the MPNPT Estonia Poker Cup has 55 players remaining of 237 entries. Other even more hotly contested events today included go-karting, won by 32Red Poker VIP manager Nick Diaz who was characteristically humble in victory, and the ever-popular beer pong challenge was won by Matt Attard, who, like Diaz, was absolutely magnanimous to his opponents, declaring, “I’m the f***king king!”

Play resumes tomorrow at 2pm, and as soon as we reach our official final table you’ll be able to watch the whole thing with hole cards and all, courtesy of our wonderful live stream. We’ll also be blogging the whole thing for posterity and your enjoyment.

Until then – to the bar!

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