Guthrie Pleased With Big Bluff

Colin Guthrie is currently celebrating at volume after pulling off an outrageous bluff against Jan Noga. I believe Guthrie raised preflop and then bet out on every street of the 2h 3d 8h 3s 8d board, finally going all in on the river. “Nice knowing you, I’m done,” he said as he waited for Noga to make a decision, despite covering him by some margin. Eventually Noga folded, and Guthrie bellowed, “YESSSS!” and did a little dance as he showed the 2c 6c bluff.

Guthrie seems to have his chips arranged in columns of 13s or 14s rather than the standard 20s which makes his stack somewhat tricky to assess, but we reckon it’s around 650k. Noga is down to just 200k, with the blinds going up to 8k/16k/2k in the next couple of minutes.

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