Guthrie Marches Up Chipcounts

Colin Guthrie is a regular on the MPNPT tour and on his more successful trips, he has shown he can put together a stack together well.

He’s at around 75,000 as we stand – most recently opening to 2,500 UTG and seeing a player we think is Robby Vernaillen (apologies if we have this wrong) three-bet to 8,000 from the big blind.

Guthrie now made it 21,000 and Vernaillen took the situation seriously enough, he removed his earphones and began thinking in earnest. He looked Guthrie over – taking his sweet time before folding pocket queens face-up!

Guthrie was kind enough not to leave him wondering – showing pocket aces, making Vernaillen’s fold one of the best we’ve seen today. What a ridiculously cheap escape.

Never the shrinking violet, Guthrie meanwhile had a little to say after the hand. “Harsh, I was trying to get him to push all-in.”

One of Colin’s friends Richard Clarke, on a neighbouring table, offered some tongue-in-cheek advice to Colin’s table – “whatever he’s saying, he’s right.”

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