Guthrie "Just Can't Play the Game"

Now that it’s no longer spoiling anything for anyone, we can reveal the demise of Colin Guthrie up on the feature table.

Guthrie had already open-shoved for around 25 BBs a few hands earlier with Th 6h (no-one called), when he found himself in the big blind holdingĀ  Qs 8h and facing a 23k raise from Alex Clark under the gun. Guthrie shoved, Clark snap-called with hisĀ  Js Jc, and a queen-free board later ( Ac 2h Ts 6h 3h ), Guthrie was gone.

He dropped by the blog desk a little while ago, before we’d seen the hand on the live stream, and we asked him what happened. “Bad play,” was all he told us, suggesting that perhaps he was aware that he hadn’t exactly made the right move there, “I just played bad for two hours. I just can’t play the game.”

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