Guthrie in the Wars (8th - €4,000)

Colin Guthrie’s tournament has just ended – following a sequence of interesting hands.

In general, things have not gone well. Firstly, we had him calling a 650+k shove from Daniel Camus with A-K.

Colin might have expected to be in better shape when Camus flipped up pocket queens, but he was basically flipping. The coin did not fall kindly for him however as no aces or kings appeared and a big chunk of his stack was passed over to Camus – who moves above 1.4 million chips.

A few hands later, Guthrie – looking slightly miffed – moved all-in preflop for his remaining stack and was called by Dominic Desset. This time Guthrie was well behind – his pocket fives no match for Desset’s nines.

The 9c 8s 7s 7c Kh board saw the Slovak home for a double – moving into the 7 figure territory himself and suddenly Guthrie was on the cusp of elimination!

Desperate to chip up, Guthrie moved his microstack all-in with K-8 and looked set to leave us as Noga and Hendriks both called – Noga flopping trips with his pocket fives on an Ah 5s 4s board.

It was all over barring another dramatic run out for Guthrie, but the 2h turn and 3s river were just that! He’d survived! The main pot and overpot split caused some consternation amongst the players, Guthrie most upset that he felt he had been shortchanged. Eventually though, Gerard Serra arrived to smooth the waves and order was restored.

Guthrie stopped shouting “You’re WRONG! You’re WRONG” at the other players and promptly busted his shortstack to finish 8th for €4,000.

Well played sir, quick a round of applause and the action continues 7-handed.

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