Guthrie Forces Suominen into Submission

Guthrie just won a huge pot off Keimo Suominen.

Guthrie opened preflop and SUominen called from the blinds before check calling Guthrie’s c-bet on the 9h 9c 3d board.

The turn saw Guthrie fire out 75,000 – only for Suominen to check raise to 200,000. Guthrie thought it over for a few moments then moved allin for about 350/400 more.

Suominen leaned back and sighed – Guthrie loudly announcing “If you call, I’m out, I’m out.”

Guthrie kept up a regular chatter during the hand -” Don’t raise me” and a few other comments before Suominen looked deflated and folded – down to around 350,000.

Guthrie didn’t show but he now has around 900,000 and is looking like a real threat if he keeps gathering chips at this clip.

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