Guthrie Bites The Dust

Jarkko Pennanen just dismissed Colin Guthrie from contention with the payout spots tantalisingly close. Painful.

Holding pocket jacks, Pennanen raised it up, only for Guthrie to shove his (roughly) 110,000 stack into the middle over the top.

Pennanen spent some time thinking and counting before calling off a big chunk of his stack. “I don’t think I can fold,” he said.

Guthrie looked concerned and his worries proved merited as he flipped pocket nines – at a big disadvantage to Pennanen’s jacks. “I’m out” Guthrie muttered sadly. “What can you do?” he pleaded to sympathetic noises from his table.

The board ran out 6s 4h 2d Ac 6c and that was it for Mr Guthrie in the main event. Bad luck sir, we continue with 46 players left and just 41 payout spots.

“It’s really tough now,” mused Simon Marks. “One mistake and it could be all over…”

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