Guláš Finds Recipe for Success on Day 3 of MPNPT @ Battle of Malta

Day 3 of the record-breaking MPNPT @ Battle of Malta has played to a finish here at the InterContinental Hotel – Josef Guláš leading the remaining 11 players with a massive 25,500,000 chips, just clear of Dutchman Steven Van Zadelhoff in 2nd with 21,600,000. They will be in prime position when we return to mount a challenge for the title and eye-watering €306,205 first place prize money.

It’s been a fascinating day with myriad twists and turns. 88 players returned from Day 2, already in the money but nursing increasingly-realistic hopes they would be hoisting the MPNPT trophy aloft victoriously in several days.

There can be only one winner though – and by the time we reached the end of level 33, the closing point of the day,  77 players had joined the rail with a chunk of cash in their pockets as consolation, with just 11 players’ hopes of glory still intact.

Deep run for Dehlia de Jong – but no final table…this time.

Talented crusher Ludovic Geilich(60th – €3,160) & the popular Dehlia de Jong (47th – €3,160) were two notable players who fell prior to the end of the day and genial MPNPT regular Johan Goslings (23rd – €11,070) was another who fell just short of the final despite flying high at certain points. There was an interesting side-story playing out with various MPNPT qualifiers competing for a Last Longer competition that would see three of them awarded a package to MPNPT’s final event in Madrid 2020. Johan Gosling, Charamlampos Lappas and Colum Higgins were the eventual winners – you can read about their success here.

As we moved ever closer to the final table, the atmosphere ramped up – the crowds enveloping the last few tables noticeably thickening and the excitement levels rising in concert with the stakes. We anticipate this enthusiasm building to a crescendo tomorrow as the last 11  players arrange friends and family to come and watch them vie for the title and massive prizes on offer.

We will return at 2pm to play to the final table – at which point we will fill you in on the finalists’ backgrounds – and then detail developments as they play to a finish and crown the champion. If the resolution of the Main Event isn’t enough to sate your appetite for poker (and we think it should be!) – there’s also the final table of the High Roller to play out.

You’ll be able to follow events unfolding both in written form on the blog and via the Twitch stream “live feed” (on a 30 minute delay) at twitch.tv/thrillofpoker. The Battle of Malta has smashed all records with 4,657 entries and the tournament is a slice of history in the making. It would be a mistake to miss out on what will be a compelling and historic denouement – treat yourself to a taste of it by joining us tomorrow.

Name Country Qualifier Chips Final Day
Josef Gulas Czech Republic 25,500,000
Steven Van Zadelhoff Netherlands 21,600,000
Serghei Lisii Russia 16,775,000
Leo Worthington-Leese UK 9,750,000
Bruno Massimo Italy 8,925,000
Shaun Decesare Malta 8,250,000
Valerii Firstenko Ukraine 8,050,000
Flavio Laudani Italy 5,825,000
Vincenzo Pinna Italy 5,225,000
Rune Moerk Norway 4,200,000
Colum Higgins Ireland 32Red 2,650,000

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