Guess How Big My Pair Is

Rimkus Romanas and Betsson qualifier Daragh Davey had made it to the turn of a 5d-Th-6c-9s board by the time I arrived to witness it. Romanas had bet out just under 8k from the cutoff, but Davey had moved in for roughly 40k from the button, driving Romanas into the tank. After a few minutes, tablemate Johan Palokangas called time, and following a few moments’ huffing and puffing, Romanas folded pocket queens face up. Davey declined to show, despite Romanas’ entreaties.

Romanas kept guessing long after the cards had been swept away and the pot awarded to Davey. “Jacks?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t show jacks,” said Davey.

“Fives? Sixes? Sevens? Eights?”

This went on for some time; Davey gave nothing away.

Romanas is down to 42k or so, while Davey is at around 65k.

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