Gruszczynski Denied Doubled Up

Seabstian Gruszczynski opened to 110k from the cutoff – as you do with pocket Kh-Kd. To his immediate left, Yiannis Liperis thought about it for a little while, before moving all in. Everyone else folded, Gruszczynski called all in for about a million, and they were on their backs.

Gruszczynski was about as ahead as one can be, completely dominating Liperis’ Ks-Qd. But the board rolled out Js-5s-Td-Qs-9d for a chopped pot, and both players took their chips back. A disappointment for Gruszczynski, although there are some possible worlds in which Liperis got the full outdraw on him. So that’s something.

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