Greenwood Gone, Le Lost

We’re not terribly sure why (barman, we are looking at you) but the pace seems to have picked up in the Main Event and we’ve witnessed a sudden flurry of eliminations.

Joseph Greenwood was at the sharp end of one such elimination, his pocket sevens no good against Andreos Olympios’ Kh-Qh with the first two cards on the flop coming down a queen and a king to give him two pair. Greenwood went out in 18th place for £1,600 – a whole new pay bracket.

Not long after, Bo Le ran into some trouble – he pushed from the big blind with A-3, setting in Cody Wagner who’d raised from the button. But Wagner called with pocket kings to double up to 400k, leaving Le perilously short on just 90k. A few hands later, Le moved in with Ad-Tc but smacked into Chun Man’s Ah-Jd. He completely failed to hit anything on the Ks-6s-8d-2c-Qd board, and was gone. Man, by the way, is up to 500k.

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