Gosling Cooks Serrano's Goose

We joined Johan Gosling and Joaquin Serrano in a hand with one other player on the turn of a Jc 6h Th 3h board with around 6,000 in the middle.

A bet of 4,700 was check-called by Gosling with the other player dramatically throwing his hand into the muck.

The river came a non-threatening 6s and Gosling tapped the table, leading Serrano to go into the tank. He mulled over various strategies. Would he fire a big bet, as a bluff or for value?

After a while contemplating his next action, he simply checked back, leaving Gosling to turn over top, top in Ah Js (with the nut flush draw on the turn.)

Serrano didn’t ham it up, shrugging quickly before throwing his card away. Gosling rises to over 35,000 as the first break of the day arrives…

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