Dinner - Gosling Cooks Prozan's Goose (24th)

Melech Prozan just became the latest man to see his hopes of lifting the MPNPT @ BoM trophy shredded.

He was looking for an open spot and found one, jamming with AdQc – a nice, powerful hand and it folded to big blind Johan Gosling, who checked his cards – and called.

Bad news for Prozan – he was dominated as Gosling tabled AhKd and the board of KsTs9d9h8c kept his interest until the end but ultimately saw his chances snuffed out like the proverbial candle in the wind.

Well played Prozan – 24th place is a creditable result. Gosling’s chances though live on – he’s got 4 million. Shortly after than hand the players broke for dinner. They will return 23 handed for level 30 in 75 minutes. We’ll be back then to guide you through to the end of the day.

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