Golovanovs Cracks Aces to Double Last Hand Pre-Break

A preflop raising war between table chip leader Juliane Aram Papazian and Dmitrijs Golovanovs extended slightly into the first break of the day.  A third player opened preflop to 1,600, but ducked out sharpish when Golovanovs three-bet to 7,000 (from a total stack of 18,600) and was set all in by Papazian.  Golovanovs called and saw the bad news, which, if you’ve read the title, soon became good news:

Papazian: AsAh Golovanovs: QdQh

Though the third player let slip that it was ace-queen that had been raise-folded pre, a flop of 9d4dQs instantly delivered a set for the all-in player, which improved to a flush over the Kd2d turn and river.

Papazian still has plenty of chips to play with (70,300) while Golovanovs has a slightly above average 40,000.

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