Gochev Gotcha

The end of day approaches.

Miroslav Gochev is rapidly becoming the man to catch, his 140,000 stack bolstered yet further by consuming the entirety of James Sims’ chips in the last few chips. Sims was in desperation mode with a sub 10-BB stack and made his move with K-T offsuit in an unopened pot, but found Gochev lurking behind him with pocket aces.

An ace on the flop left Sims clutching at a few rays of hope, which were extinguished as the turn and river bricked for him but completed Gochev’s full house.

Bad luck Mr Sims, who struggled with few cards all day.

Meanwhile Gochev now has 160,00 with the end of the day just approaching.

In fact, we’ve just heard Gerard announce the clock will be stopped as we play out the last three hands of the day. News of the end of day chipleader will follow shortly!

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