Gochev Coolers Dichev

Israel’s Yasen Dichev was one player we had our eyes on due to him amassing more than $100,000 in career live poker tournament cashes. His day or at least his first bullet on Day 1b has already come to an end.

Miroslav Gochev check-called a bet of around 4,000 on a [8x7x4x] board nto a pot that was already big preflop and got a call from Dichev.

Gochev checked again after the [Tx] appeared on the turn. Dichev jammed for around 30,000 in chips and Gochev, who had his opponent more than covered, quickly called.

Dichev turned over [7x7x] for a flopped set. However, Gochev turned over [TxTx] to give him a better set on the turn and leaving his opponent one possible out on the river.

Luck was not on Dichev’s side as an inconsequential [3x] completed the board on the river. Meanwhile, Gochev is among the chip leaders with a stack of around 85,000.

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