Gjelstenli's Got GUTS

So proclaims Ronny Gjelstenli’s patch, marking him as part of the GUTS poker tribe (who have a pretty sizeable presence here at MPNPT Manchester), and so affirms his recent opponent Leif Eklund.  Multiway to a 3c 3s Ts flop, a pot-sized 3,300 bet from Eklund on the As turn narrowed the field to himself and Gjelstenli (in position).  Eklund led again on the 8h river for 8,800, called after a brief delay (with ever so slight a hand tremble) by Gjelstenli.

“Nice call,” said Eklund, showing his pure bluff Qd 7d.  He dropped to 5,225.

Gjelstenli showed down Ah Th and is off to a great start.

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