Gill Rail Explodes At Key Double

Di Romualdo Tziano’s tournament life just expired in a loud, dramatic explosion of a hand. The action started with Tziano and opponent Denino Gill going to war for their stacks on a [4c 5s 3d] board.

The cameras and rail closed ranks, bustling round the pair as they opened their holdings. Tziano was first, slamming down pocket fours for a set with what looked like a confident flourish. His confidence took a dent however as Gill turned over [6d][2d] for a flopped straight!

The board ran out [Qc][Jd] – two relative bricks and Gill’s rail went wild as their man’s hand held. They thumped the rail and cheered – Tziano’s quiet exit going virtually unnoticed amongst the enthused revellers.

Gill up to 5.3 million – though he stopped stacking his new chips for a moment to capture the pandemonium on the rail on his camera!

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