Giant Pekka on the Up

Pekka Virtanen and Kend Hallik just played out a momentous pot a few moments ago.

Joel Hytoner opened the action, raising in early position to 600, called by Virtanen in middle position before reaching Hallik in the small blind, who popped it up to a more sizeable 2,500.

Marko Harkonen cold-called from the big blind – original raiser Hytoner also made the call, only for Virtanen to now make an unexpected re-raise to 9,000.

Folded to Hallik, he checked his hand again, rubbed his temple…and called the additional 6,500.

Harkonen and Hytoner threw their holdings away, the dealer laid out a Ts 7s 3d board and Hallik checked, only for Virtanen to fire out a committing bet of 10,000.

Hallik sighed and looked unhappy, before saying “I have to” and setting Virtanen in for the rest of his chips. Quick call.

Hallik turned up pocket queens but his reservations proved well-founded as Virtanen held pocket aces, which held a the board ran out 6c then Ad.

That useful coup saw Virtanen rise to a whopping 60,000 whilst Hallik is left with just a few thousand to either make a tricky-looking comeback or potentially buy in once more if his bowl of rice evaporates.

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