Garunkstis On The Crush

Arunas Garunkstis is having his way with his table right now. He’s accumulated a giant stack and is picking up chips with raw aggression as well as some well-timed pieces of fortune. He was already sitting with 1.6 million and raising liberally when he played out a huge pot with Tunnet Taimla, raising it up preflop to 25,000 – Taimla re-raising to 72,000 in a rare show of combative defence against this.

Garunkstis nonchalantly slid out the call and the pair were heads-up to a 9d 8h 6h board.

Garunkstis checked to the preflop aggressor and after a little think Taimla also checked.

The turn was the 4d and now Garunkstis fired out 40,000 which Taimla called before the 3h on the river saw another bet from Garunkstis – this time a very meaty 220,000 – close to half of Taimla’s remaining stack. He dwelt over this uncomfortably for a few minutes before throwing out the call – Garunkstis showing he wasn’t bluffing with Jh 9h for the flush. Taimla showed pocket kings in slow-motion, melancholy fashion and Garunkstis was left with an absolute monster stack of nearly two million to Taimla’s 270,000 or so.

Can anyone stop this steamrolling?

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