Gabriel Sledgehammered Out

Markus Gabriel just saw his tournament hopes expire courtesy of Maksym Lavrov. We joined the hand on a flop of Jh 6h 2h – both players contesting the flop with all their stack.

Gabriel showed down pocket jacks for top set! He was only slightly better than a coinflip versus Lavrov however, who held pocket kings with, crucially, the Kh.

This would prove significant as his heart re-draw came in on the 4h turn and Gabriel failed to boat up on the brick 3h river.

He showed his chagrin by banging the table and uttering several words of frustration. We don’t speak fluent colloquial German, but it seemed unlikely these were along the lines of “Congratulations. You played the hand well. I am disappointed I was on the wrong end of the result but you deserve plaudits for your valiance nonetheless. Good luck my friend, I hope you win. Yours forever, Mr Gabriel.”

Whatever he did say, he was left chipless once the stacks were tallied – Lavrov up to 90,000.

He shrugged at winning the pot. “I thought I might have him drawing dead,” he explained.

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