Fung Out to Dry

32Red qualifier Leo Fung (pictured in happier times) pushed his last 163k in from the cutoff and it folded right around to OlyBet qualifier Jarkko Pennanen in the big blind, who disappeared into the tank. He very slowly counted out the chips for a call, then put his head in his hands.

“I hate this hand,” he lamented.

“You like all the hands but you hate aces, I know,” said tablemate Mehdi Hsissen.

Fellow Table 2 denizen Antti Halme was by now bored enough to call the clock – it seems that Pennanen likes to take his time about these things. When Pennanen finally called, Fung also seemed somewhat irked that he had taken so long over what he regarded as an easy decision for 10 big blinds. Either way, a showdown.

Fung: Ah-4s
Pennanen: Ks-Js

Board: 6c-9c-2h-Kc-8d

“I’m sorry,” said Pennanen as Fung headed to the payouts desk to collect his 16th place money (18,000 MAD).

“Thank you,” said Fung, before adding, “You could have folded.”

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