Full Chip Counts for the Final 26 at the Break

Each of these happy happy players is guaranteed at least €1,555 now. Please note that the chip counts contain three Mystery Players who felt they did not need to hang on to their ID cards (will find out their identities when they return). Also the 1,000 recorded for Jaanus Veste is not a typo – he does have just one ante remaining.

Name Qualifier Status Chips, Level 20
Urmo Velvelt 1,100,000
Antti Halme 1,000,000
Davis Modans 960,000
Mystery Guy 1 750,000
Manuel Sadornil 640,000
Keimo Suominen Paf Heart Poker 610,000
Martin Mand 592,000
Sergey Luchishin Betsson Poker 590,000
Andres Abakanov 580,000
Thanh Doan 530,000
Koit Kann 530,000
Anders Karlsen 525,000
Jari Saviaho Paf Heart Poker 524,000
Igor Pihela Sr 512,000
Mantas Urbonas OlyBet 480,000
Oskar Väli 480,000
Julie Whitworth 32Red Poker 456,000
Juha Ovaskainen Paf Heart Poker 440,000
Mystery Guy 2 440,000
Aleksei Karev Paf Heart Poker 417,000
Terje Torstensen Nordic Bet 335,000
Johan Goslings Betsson Poker 317,000
Petter Karstad 286,000
Juha Toivonen 200,000
Mystery Guy 3 195,000
Raigo Lepp 140,000
Jaanus Veste 1,000

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