Frosty Deck Crushes Tuomas Kalvinmaki in 7th (€5,380)

The players have been tip-toeing round each other whilst Siena bullies them about.

Waiting for a hand, two of them found one at the same time.

In early position Tuomas Kalvinmaki looked down at Kc Ks and must have been overjoyed. Unfortunately he wasn’t to know that  at the same time Jacob Nielsen had been dealt Ah Ad.

“There’s going to be international carnage” predicted Redbet’s Cat on commentary. So it proved.

85,000 from Kalvinmaki, 200,000 was the 3-bet from Nielsen, Kalvinmaki shoved, Nielsen called.

A board of 3d 8s 2c 8h 3c saw Nielsen home with a 1,800,000 pot in his backpocket whilst the rather unfortunate Kalvinmaki leaves us in 7th place, victim of an unavoidable cooler.

He returns to Finland with a substantial cash of €5,380 for his troubles and can have no disappointments with how he handled that exit hand.

We continue six-handed with Siena still holding sway but Nielsen at least is within double-up distance of him now. A new pretender to the throne rises perhaps?

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