Frosty Deal for Susini

With such deep stacks, it’s fairly hard for players to go broke this early but when big hands collide then a big pot is always on the cards.

Sometimes though, it pans out slightly differently…

Recently, we saw an interesting hand play out with Arttu Lisaka limping under-the-gun for 150, raised by Monika Zukowicz to 650, which was peeled in position by Guglielmo Susini, also peeled by Valerio Marino, before original limper Lisaka sprung into action with a limp-raise to 2,150.

Interesting, interesting…

Susini was the sole caller and the pair went heads-up to a board of Jc 7d 2h. Lisaka threw out two 1k chips and Susini made a quick call.

The Ts on the turn went check, check before the Jd on the river saw Susini fire out 3,500. Call from Lisaka and the players turned over their cards.

Kings for Susini, who had value-bet the river but pocket aces for Lisaka! He’d slow-played his monster, but perhaps could have won more with a different approach…Did Susini get off lightly here?

The table breathed out an obligatory “ooooooooohhhhhh” as the two biggest preflop hands in poker were exposed.

Susini down to 18,000, Lisaka up to 31,500…

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