Free Money

Are you watching the live stream? Do you like getting stuff for free? Combine these two interests and take part in our €2,000 LIVESTREAM FREEBUY @ 18:30 BST/ 19:30 CET/ 20:30 EET Sunday 5th May!

To acquire the password, simply keep watching our live stream from MPNPT Prague. You’ll get your 3,000 starting stack for free, with unlimited €5.50 rebuys permitted for 9 levels thereafter, plus a single €5.50 add-on that’ll get you 9,000 chips.

1st €1,500 MPNPT London Package
2nd €200 ticket
3rd -4th €75 ticket
5th – 7th €33 ticket
8th – 10th €11 ticket
11th – 13th €5.50 ticket
14th – 15th €1.10 ticket

Some small print: players who pre-register must log in and play a hand before the end of the first level otherwise they will be eliminated automatically.


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