Frankie Goes to Bustywood

Franke Von Zweigbergk was having a pretty impressive day earlier. He’d won one of the side competitions to guess how many chips were in a bucket and was riding along fairly nicely in the Main Event with 45,000 when he saw a raise and a call in front of him.

He looked at pocket tens, he decided this was a good spot and moved all-in.

The bigger stack of the two called him and heads-up, Franke was delighted to see his opponent had pocket nines.

Things were looking even rosier as he looked set to book a 100,000 stack. Then he hit a ten. Could life get any better! What could go wrong.

Then disaster struck and his day unraveled. His opponent hit a backdoor straight and that was that. Ecstasy to misery in the space of a few moments – Von Zweigbergk’s tournament life was over. He recounted his tales of highs and lows to us with a laugh though. That’s poker, we are all the playthings of the poker gods at the end of the day.

Good game sir.

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