Fours Not With Halme - Farag Doubles

After that double-through, Antti Halme has not found the going very easy, his stack having been nipped at by the other players and Fadhil Farag just took another big chunk out of it.

Halme opened to 175,000 with pocket fours, Ali Mechiche flatted and Farag had the enjoyable feeling of looking down at a premium in a nice squeeze spot.

He jammed for 605,000, Halme re-shoved to isolate, hoping to be flipping in an overlaid pot, and Mechiche laid his Ac Jh down…

Halme got the bad news he was dominated and Farag’s kings duly held over the Jc 8c 8d 2c 8h board. Farag’s been nice and patient on the final and he’s been rewarded, now at his biggest stack of 1,500,000. Halme meanwhile has dropped from the heights he enjoyed earlier – his 3 million stack now reduced to a much less dominant 1,600,000.

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