Four-Bet Shove FTW on Second Saxby Bullet

Kelly Saxby and Deborah Worley-Roberts both spent a brief hiatus on the rail before launching themselves back into Day 1b.  Worley-Roberts was re-seated on a table right next to her initial one and brazenly dragged her side table away to join her.

“I’m taking my table too, you bastards!” she threw in for good measure.

Meanwhile Saxby’s second 30,000 has been put to dramatic use recently.  A mid-position open to 1,700 was called in two spots, then repopped to 8,200 by the small blind.  Big blind Saxby thought for a while, then moved all in for around 26,000 total.  Action returned to the small blind quickly, who took his turn in the tank.  This prompted Saxby to pronounce, “Yay! I’m ahead…”

Her opponent folded, flashing the Ac.  She scooped in around 15,000 new chips, then said, “Phew. With you standing there… at least you won’t write “Silly A**hole Gets Her Chips In…”  And lo, it was so.

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