Four-Way Bubble Bonanza

After a long period of relative inaction with 43 players remaining (the “bubble-bubble”, in the parlance), four players decided to bust out simultaneously!

The first one I witnessed was the legendary Roger Hairabedian getting his pocket queens out-flipped by Stan James qualifier Richard Clarke’s A-K, and ace on the flop denying the winningest player in the field the satisfaction of one more cash.

Just as the TD was announcing that we were on the bubble and ordered the dealers to wait, Abdallah Ouahli busted out on the other side of the room – I’m afraid I didn’t quite catch that one.

Then, at the exact moment that I was scribbling down Ouahli’s player ID, Yassir Libi’s A-K was failing to out-flip Moustafa Boukri’s pocket queens, and Libi thus busted out as well.

Then, as I was heading back to the media corner to type all this up, our beloved media coordinator ran after me to inform me that a fourth player had busted on the same hand – Abdelmajid Essafi, whose A-Q had been cruelly outdrawn by Frederik Foss’ A-7 on a 6-7-8-9-9 board.


There was some grumbling among the newly busted players who apparently wanted the bubble/prize money to be decided by stack size, but as the four eliminations were on different tables, the rules state that the four players will merely chop the 40th and 41st place prize money, and play now continues wuth 39 players remaining.

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