For F***'s Saku

Olybet qualifier Saku Turtia, who has been swigging from a bottle of Laphroaig for some time and may be somewhat, ahem, compromised, has just managed to triple up with absolute air.

Turtia went all in under the gun and both Daragh Davey and Alex Konstantinov got involved, Davey eventually giving it up on the turn – only for Turtia to magic a straight on the river and triple up to 130k.

Turtia: 3h 5d
Konstantinov: Ks Kc

Board: Ad 3d 2c Kd 4h

Lololol, as the internet kids say. Although having said that, the other players at the table seemed quite weary of the inebriated Turtia, and his triple up and cry of, “Let’s goooo!!!” was met with some eye-rolling and a few tuts around the table…

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