Flush Not Good Enough For Limonova

Kelly Limonova’s run in the Main Event is over. The Estonian just had some bad luck. Not when all the chips were in the middle but the fact she was eliminated while holding a flush.

The hand began with Limonva jamming for about 10 big blinds with [KhTh]. Pierre Sallaberry jammed for a bit more from two seats over with [KcKs] before Reinhard Meusburger, who had both players covered, called with [AdAc].

Meusburger was looking strong preflop but maybe was a little bit nervous even after nailing a set on the [As5h6h] flop since this also gave Limonova a flush draw.

Both of Meusburger’s opponents were drawing dead after the [5d] paired the board on the turn. The [Qh] on the river was a little bit of a jab to Limonova as she completed her flush, albeit a little bit too late since it was no good against Meusburger’s full house.

Limonova took pictures of the board before she shared, well at least I made the latest pay jump referring to the fact that the payouts just increased from €1,800 to €2,300.

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