Flopped Two Pair Good for Rantanen

The action folded to Stefan Dimitrov who raised to 1,100 from the button. Joumi Rantanen called from the small blind as did the player in the big blind.

Both Rantanen and the player next to him checked after the flop came [kh4h8s] before Dimitrov bet 1,500.

Rantanen raised to 4,500 before the player in the big blind quickly folded. Dimitrov appeared to think for a minute before he opted to call.

Both players checked after the [7h] appeared on the turn and once again after the [3d] completed the board on the river.

Rantanen turned over [kc4s] for a flopped two pair which proved to be good enough after Dimitrov shook his head and tossed his hand in the muck.

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