Fives Are Live For Granander

It’s early days in the tournament – no huge action yet as players settle in and stake out their tables and opponents. Anders Granander is one player who is off to a bright start however. We joined a hand involving him and Torsvik Geir on the turn card of a 9c 4s 5d 4h board. An in-position Granander fired 1,000 on the turn and 2,000 on the ten of clubs river – check-called at every juncture by Geir.

Granander tabled pocket fives quietly for a very powerful hand – his full house far too good for Geir, who was equally silent as he threw his hand away. A small but potentially important pot for both players leaves Granander up to 36,000 or so whilst Geir is down to 25,000.

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