Finally - Chip Counts & Seat Order

Antti Halme, chip leader from the start of play, has a terrifying, massive lead with well over a third of the chips in play.

Seat Name Qualifier Status Chip Count
1 Juha Ovaskainen Paf Heart Poker 1,046,000
2 Andres Abakanov 1,331,000
3 Priit Vanem 692,000
4 Davis Modans 2,015,000
5 Keimo Suominen Paf Heart Poker 375,000
6 Aleksei Karev BetSafe Poker 611,000
7 Sergey Luchishin Betsson Poker 746,000
8 Martin Mänd 1,190,000
9 Antti Halme 5,391,000

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