Final Table Set! (Osku Kartunnen out 10th - €2,500)

We have our final table and the last hand had an element of comedy to it as the two Finns duked it out for a  final table berth.

Shortstacked Osku Kartunnen moved all-in under the gun for his stack and compatriot Tuomas Kalvinmaki now threw in 3k (which he thought was his ante.)

But he’d already paid his ante! This was ruled as a call despite a few gentle protestations.

Kartunnen showed Td 9d and Kalvinmaki had inadvertently called with Ac 7d.

The board ran out As 9s 7h Qc 4s and Kalvinmaki’s two pair won the day, meaning Kartunnen finishes just short of the final but collects €2,500 for his troubles.

Well played all!

We will have a recap of the day and a chip count for our finalists to appear shortly…

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