Field of Dissolving Dreams

The knockouts continue with alacrity. The following players have been eliminated and thus can no longer consider themselves potential MPNPT Sunny Beach Champions.

They can, however, now enter the €135 + 15 Platinum Cup or watch the football, or if they have no interest in these activities a swelteringly hot day on the beach beckons! What a life it is here in Sunny Bulgaria!

ole Nedreboe, Evgeniy Kolev, Kimmo Koskimies, David Matejus, Atanas Sarafov, Radostin Todovichin, Mykhailo Zelenekyi, Tanel Evert, Iliya Iliev, Jakob Andersson, Sebastian Grusczynski, Stefan Atanasov, Rosen Angelov and Jouni Rantanan.

Good game folks!

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