Feeling Finn

From one party to another, Keimo Suominen (representing Coolbet)’s latest table is having a lot of fun – with the garrulous Johan Palokangas in full verbal flow. Unfortunately our Finnish language skills are weak but we are fairly sure the name Tommi Makkinen cropped up a few times – Palokangas possibly reminiscing about one of rally driving’s most celebrated faces.

Meanwhile though a hand broke out as Hassan Say raised preflop and then bet 2,100 on a 9d 8s 2s board when it was checked four way to him.

There was a little confusion as several players acted out of turn during the hand but once the dust settled Roger Nilson had check-raised to 8,000 and shortstack Suominen had called alli-in for his final 6,000 or so. Say folded, leaving Nilson to show Qs 6s for a flush draw and Suominen 9c 5s for top pair.

The board ran out 3h 8c, leaving Suominen smiling as his stack bloomed somewhat to around 24,000.

“Nice hand!” he said buoyantly, going for a comedy highfive with the defeated Nilson – who was understandably reluctant to join in despite seeing the funny side, leaving a grinning Suominen hanging.

As we checked his stack, he gave us a count “Two hundred thousand.” This shameless exaggeration drew laughter from his tablemates. We reckon 60,000 might be a little closer to the truth…

Fun times at the Finn table.


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