Feature Table Goes Nuts; Final Table Is Go!

A series of absolutely extraordinary hands on the feature table have left us with a final table and a brand new chip leader!

Hand #1

Erstwhile chip leader Mateusz Warowiec (pictured) opened to 52k under the gun with Th 8s and Andrai Lazar called in the cutoff with Js Td to see a Qs 3h Tc flop. Warowiec, with his pair of tens, bet out 60k, only for Lazar, with his better pair of tens, to raise to 130k. Undeterred, Warowiec made it 330k, and Lazar called.

The turn was the 5s and Warowiec took another 505k pop at it – only for Lazar to now go all in for 1.4 million. As David Lappin said in the commentary booth: “I have no idea how all these chips ended up in the pot.” Warowiec gave it some serious thought, but eventually folded, leaving himself with 1.4 million. Lazar meanwhile is the new player in charge, on roughly 2.8 million.

Hand #2 – Teemu Toikkanen Out in 11th Place (77,500Kč/€3,100)

A few hands later, Warowiec  woke up with Kc Kd in the big blind and called Teemu Toikkanen’s push with Ac Ts in the cutoff. The board ran out Qh Qd 9c 4h 5d , and Teemu was soon Toikkan his leave while Warowiec was back up to 1.8 million.

Hand #3 – Kalle Suvi Busts in 10th Place (100,000Kč/€4,000)

The very next hand, Warowiec claimed another scalp! Down to just 342k, Kalle Suvi moved in with pocket 8s 8h from the cutoff, and again it was Warowiec who made the call, this time with Ks Jh in the small blind. He made the call and a Jc Qd Tc 2h 9h delivered the hefty pot unto him, sending Olybet qualifier Suvi home to Estonia with 10th place money while Warowiec is now up to 2.2 million – second in chips after Lazar.

Chip counts and brief profiles of our finalists will be with you shortly…

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