Fast Start Continues as Chung Doubles

We hope all this early action is a microcosm of how the entire table plays out. We love watching the drama play out!

Shortly after Sebastian Gruszczynski doubled up Cieran Tighe, he was involved once more.

The action opened with Andreas Olympios raising to 50,000 with Ac 9c, Tim Chung now jamming his circa 400,000 stack into the middle with 9d 9s and Sebastian Gruszczynski looking down at As Ks and re-shoving to isolate.

Olympios got the message and folded, leaving Gruszczynski and Chung to face off. The flip for the 906k pot was won by Chung as his pocket nines survived over the Th 4c 5d Jd 3d and he jumps up the chip rankings.

For Gruszczynski however, more bad news means he drops to 671,000 – two huge lost pots seeing him drop from virtual chip leader to middle of the pack.

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