Fadhil Farag Busts in 2nd Place (275,000 MAD)

Adelouahab Zizi looked down at Ks-Qd on the button and just limped in. In the big blind, Fadhil Farag looked down at Ad-6c, and raised to 450k. Back to Zizi, who announced all in – and after a few moments, Farag folded.

Next hand, Fadhil Farag was on the button and found Kh-Qs – curious. He opened to 370k, and the action moved over to Zizi in the big blind, who was holding… Ah-6s! A perfect inversion of the previous hand. Zizi went all in again, and this time, Farag made the call.

Board: 8c-5d-Qd-Ts … Ad!

The ace on the river sealed the deal for Zizi. The stacks were counted, and it was ascertained that Farag had just 40k in change – not even half a big blind. He doubled up the next hand (Kh-7d vs. Zizi’s Jh-8h on a 4h-9s-3d-2s-Qc board), but the hand after that would be their last. Zizi’s 4h-5h flopped a wheel against Farag’s Jc-Tc, the board running out 3h-2d-Ad-Qs-Qc, and the trophy belonged to Zizi.

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