Fabio Unable to Tame the Lion (21st - €13,330)

Fabio Frusca just busted in one of the most frustrating ways you can in poker. He made a great call – then still got beaten…

Leo Worthington-Leese was the player to do the damage – the pair contesting a 9c8s5c board, Frusca leading out for 500,000 and Leo making the call.

The 6c on the turn looked dangerous, completing various straight/ flush draws and after Frusca checked, Leo quickly announced all-in for his 6 million stack (Frusca having around 2 million behind). Frusca took his time and thought it over, then made a pretty impressive call with K-9 for top pair – Leo turning over A-5 for bottom pair.

The Ac on the river was a dagger to Frusca’s heart though. He made a high pitched agonising noise that cut through the arena like a knife – his stack dusted and dreams of glory left in tatters. As he regaled the rail with what was a pretty brutal bad beat story – Leo took almost no notice – happily piling up his new stack of 9.5 million.

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