Everything just Kopec-etic for Mallu

On a roll, Alli Mallu can be a hard man to stop and it looks like he might just be starting to gather momentum.

Mallu raised it up from late position to 3,600 – Kopec Radoslaw making the call from the big blind.

The board fell Js 7c 3h – Mallu fired out 4,100 – called by Radoslaw.

The turn was the Td, and now Mallu bet 5,000, only for Radoslaw to make his move, check-raising to 16,500. Mallu quickly moved all-in for his remaining 30-ish thousand and Radoslaw made the call – covering Mallu by a few thousand.

J-8 for Mallu – top pair and a gutshot, whilst Radoslaw had the best hand – slightly – with T-7 for two pair.

Mallu did have a fair number of outs and the 3c on the river was one of those, counterfeiting Radoslaw’s hand and giving Mallu a huge 80,000 pot. Radoslaw meanwhile could be gone soon unless he can work some magic parlaying his microstack into something more worthwhile.

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