Erkki Left Without Oleg to Stand On

Erkki Falkstedt was the chipleader as we headed into the break, but he just made a bold, but unsuccessful move that saw much of his stack pass to tablemate Oleg Egorov.

The hand in question saw Falkstedt raise to 3,600 and Egorov re-pop to 8,000. Falkstedt took a few seconds to call and the board fell a coordinated Qd 9h 8h.

Check from Falkstedt, 10,000 from Egorov and now Falkstedt just picked up a huge stack of 5,000 chips and check-raised all-in!

Egorov had started the hand with around 90,000 so this was a huge bet and you could see Egorov looked somewhat perplexed as he mulled over this decision for all his stack.

Eventually he decided Falkstedt was just too loose aggressive to make the fold and he called his stack off with Ad Qs for top, top.

It proved a wise call as Falkstedt turned up Jh 7s for a naked gutshot!

This huge 180,000+ pot was decided over the worrying 6s turn that saw Egorov gulp as his foe picked up additional outs, but a 3h brick river confirmed he had won the pot. New chip leader!

Falkstedt was left with around 60,000 and Egorov now has 182,500 or so.

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