Early Oscar Nomination for Palokangas

Johan Palokangas is pleased as punch, wandering around the card room with a big smile on his face. The source of his pleasure is the transformation of his stack. Down to just 16,000 or so, a rush of cards and good timing has seen him rise to around 90,000.

“I’m very proud of myself!” he told us. He managed to double up with Qd Td versus J-T suited then peeled a raise from the button with pocket threes – the flop falling a perfect T-3-3.

“I did the biggest Hollywood I have ever done. I looked at the flop from all these angles. I was saying what can you have?”

Eventually Palokangas went all-in on the river and was called by pocket jacks, sweeping up the pot that propelled him to his current big stack. We then discussed his prospects at next year’s Oscars.

“Maybe I will win the best actor!” Step by step, Johan! Tournament first…


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