Early Birds - Day 1A Players

Five tables have opened at the start of Level 1 in the MPNPT Manchester Main Event; with long levels and deep stacks, the sense of start-of-day urgency is still asleep in a hotel down the road.  So far, the table line-up looks like:

Table 1
Manouchehr Zargaran
Mark Whitney
Joshua Lonsdale
David Gee
Hege Sogstad
Mark Dyson
Hamidreza Egazi

Table 2
Peter Smith
Stuart Lord
Martin Sogstad
Declan McDonnell
Roar Johnsen
Thomas Lind
Miguel Hernandez Mora

Table 3
Daniel Hide
Andrew Cornwall
Craig Dawson
Jacob Moss
Johan Goslings
Richard Kellett
Teemu Leppalahti

Table 4
Robert Baker
Alli Mallu
John Mooney
Peter Warfvinge
Chris Georgiou
Phillip Huxley
Agnieszka Zukowicz

Table 5
Mazhar Ali
Henry Gronvik
Michael Ingram
Anthony Woolley
Nicholas Pongourou
David Wattam

For a while, table 3 was playing at min capacity – three-handed – despite others having bought in and been assigned seats.  This raised questions from Andrew Cornwall: Should stacks be in play?  Do they need to be at the table at all?  Giving the impression that it wouldn’t be his way of playing a live tournament, he asked the floorperson, “They can sit down at 9 o’clock tonight if they want to?”  Apparently so.

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