Early Action

In classic Day 2 style, we’ve already seen a little flurry of eliminations, including Teemu Leppälahti, Jiri Havlena and Ivan Kuziv. Delightfully, however, early bustees need not give up on this Main Event! Registration remains open right up until the end of this level. With blinds/ante at 1.2k/2.4k/2.4k and starting stacks at 30k, that’s 12 and a half big blinds – more than enough!

A quick circuit of the card room also yielded a double up – that of Tarmo Tammel. I only caught the very end of the hand, but it was enough to establish that Tammel’s Ah Ks flush was better than whatever his opponent Josef Šnejberg was holding on a 5s 4h 3h 5h 8h board.

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