What would be the first thing you would buy after winning just over €85,000 for only a stake of €20?

For a very lucky Coolbet player, it’s some new underwear!

On Tuesday around 9am BST, “hent88” from Finland hit the jackpot on the popular Fish Party Sit & Go game on Coolbet Poker.

Fish Party is a Sit & Go poker tournament with only 3 players where the prize pool is selected randomly before the start. For every game, a small portion of the prize pool is added to a jackpot. The jackpot on the €20 Fish Party level was at €170.659 when “hent88” signed up for the game and all of a sudden he was playing for huge money.

Ten minutes later, he had won €85,329.79! The prize payout in the tournament gave him 50% of the jackpot, while the player “Kennnnny81” won €51,197 (30% of the prize pool) for second place and “J.J. Moon” €34,131 for third.

The €85k win was the biggest win ever at Coolbet Poker and was the third biggest Fish Party win in history.

Coolbet called “hent88” a few hours after the win and asked how he was doing:

Congrats on the huge poker win! How are you feeling?

Thank you very much! I am very happy but a bit confused.

Have you played a lot of Fish Party sit & go’s?

Not so much. I have only played Fish Partys for maybe a week now, approximately 50 of them I guess. Mostly, I have been playing €5 sit & go’s but luckily this time I decided to play one with a €20 buy-in.

What went through your head when you saw you hit the jackpot and were playing for €170k?

For a second, I actually thought I was at a play money table! When I realized I was actually playing for 170k, I jumped up and tried my best to sharpen my instincts and get very much in the zone. But even though I tried not to get afraid of the jackpot, it got me a bit.

Did you manage to play your normal game or did the jackpot make you play differently?

Normally I play Fish Partys very aggressively but I couldn’t do it this time. I was too passive and I knew it. But luckily also the opponents seemed to be a bit afraid of the jackpot and they were passive too.

After a while, I was very low on chips so I was forced to get super aggressive. I got into a few all-in situations very quickly and got myself back in the game. Then everything went my way and I came out as the winner.

Awesome! Have you already decided what to do with the 85k?

I haven’t. First thing that comes to my mind is that I really need to buy some new underwear for myself!

A huge congratulations to our lucky winner who will probably never have to worry about not having enough underwear ever again.

You can also go for that big jackpot on Fish Party! The jackpot on the €50 Fish Party level is currently a staggering €462,431, which means the winner will take home over €230,000. The €5 Fish Party jackpot is also huge at the moment standing at €86,500.

Read more about Fish Party here.


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